There’s Food & Drink for Everybody this Christmas at the Chums Online Store

If there’s one thing that everybody likes to do throughout the Christmas period, it’s indulge. Now, thanks to the Chums online store’s massive food and drink collection everybody can enjoy a delicious treat this Christmas, even sufferers of Diabetes.

Chums offer a wide variety of diabetic Christmas gifts and sets, with something to tantalise every taste. Their luxury hampers and Christmas gift ideas include big brands like Thorntons. Because Chums might be known for their affordable clothing collection, but that is far from all they specialise in. The true calling card of the store is delivering something for everybody, young or old; and their Christmas food collection is the perfect example of this.

Diabetic Sweets

The Diabetic Sweet Shop Selection Box is a sweetie lover’s dream. It’s a wonderful selection of eight bags of sugar free sweets, including everything from fruit salads and chocolate éclairs to blackcurrant and licquorice, mint humbugs, butter melts, chocolate limes, lemon sherbets and rhubarb and custards. There is a wealth of tasty treats available here; guaranteed to last long after the festive season.

The Ivy Hamper is amongst the premier Christmas hampers still available this year. It features everything from wine, beer and Irish cream to condiments, sweets, biscuits, chocolate and much more from the UK’s biggest brands. With so much to choose from, there is enough to cater to large families and ensure that visiting guests have plenty to enjoy when spreading glad tidings.

Pay a visit to today and choose from a wide variety of Christmas gift possibilities and brand new clothing for the season.