The Lip Reading Challenge

For people who live with hearing loss it can be a day-to-day struggle participating in conversations with those who are not aware of their difficulties, or are unable to communicate via sign language. Here at Chums we sell a range of mobility products and therefore understand the difficulties that the deaf and hard of hearing have to endure. We want to try and promote social inclusion by uniting the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing communities with our lip reading challenge. The challenge consists of 10 videos, of 10 different people, speaking 10 unique sentences to camera. Carefully observe what is being said by each person and choose 1 of 4 possible answers. You have ten minutes to complete the challenge, and how quickly you complete it will also be reported, to make your results seem even more impressive.The difficulty increases as you progress through the challenge, so you gain more points for answering Question 10 correctly than you would for Question 1. This challenge has been produced to help educate people about one of the most common and fundamental methods of communication for the deaf and hard of hearing.